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  • What is NeurOptimal®?
    NeurOptimal® is the first and only Dynamical Neurofeedback® system that helps to train your brain by providing it with information about itself. Other forms of neurofeedback or biofeedback, require a diagnosis, a medical professional and can often come with side effects because the neurofeedback is trying to "correct" your brain by telling it what it should do. NeurOptimal® does not tell your brain what to do, rather it reads your cortical activity and provides that information back to your brain so that it can make its own corrections. Your brain naturally self-regulates and self-heals as efficiently as possible, but there are many things that can cause "clutter" and make it less efficient. Stress, anxious or negative thoughts, alcohol, trauma, the challenges of daily life and everything in between can create "clutter" in your brain and can make you feel stuck or hopeless. We can think of the brain like a house. While you can definitely live in a cluttered home, you might struggle to find things you need, have difficulties getting from room to room or take a long time to do simple daily chores. Brain training with NeurOptimal® is similar to "decluttering" your house. With less clutter, you're able to find what you need, travel freely from room to room, and overall live in a calmer, less chaotic environment. NeurOptimal® is like having someone to help sort through, organize and de-clutter your brain. With each session, your brain gets less "cluttered" and learns how to adapt and re-organize itself more efficiently. With each session, your brain learns to function more flexibly and resiliently so you can feel calm and confident in tackling whatever life has in store. Learn more:
  • Who can use NeurOptimal®?
    Anyone with a brain can train with NeurOptimal®! There is no age limit or requirement and unlike other forms of neurofeedback, you do not need a diagnosis to use or benefit from NeurOptimal®.
  • Is NeurOptimal® safe?
    Yes! NeurOptimal® is safe and has been designated a General Wellness Product by the FDA. Unlike medications that you put into your body that may have side effects, NeurOptimal® is not putting in or taking out anything from your brain. NeurOptimal® is just reading your brain activity and showing your brain what it's doing via brief interruptions in the music that plays over the course of a session. Nothing in, nothing out, no side effects. Just your brain learning from itself and making its own changes towards flexibility and resiliency.
  • What can I expect in a NeurOptimal® session?
    Each NeurOptimal® session is 33 minutes long and is held on a Microsoft Surface Tablet. Sensors are placed on your ears and head and you can relax while you listen to music and watch a visual for the duration of the session. Throughout the session your brain will receive feedback from the NeurOptimal® software via brief pauses in the music. These pauses occur as NeurOptimal® detects shifts in your cortical activity and relays that information back to your brain in real-time. It's like putting a mirror in front of your brain so that it can see exactly what it's doing. Your brain then decides what it wants to do with that information; it's that simple! New clients will have a 20-30 minute intake before their first session. We will go over any issues you would like to address with brain training and how we will track your progress. Returning clients will have a 10-15 minute check-in before their session. We will do a quick check-in on how your brain training journey is going.
  • How many sessions do I need?
    Every brain is different and how many sessions you need depends on you and what your goals are. Your brain learns and changes with each session and some people might feel a shift after just one session while others may need 10-20 sessions to notice changes in sleep, mood, etc. It's best to be patient with your brain as it learns to shift away from patterns of "stuckness" while re-learning to self-organize and self-heal. I will check in with you before each session (or throughout the rental period if you're renting a system) to help you identify shifts, check in on how you're feeling and to answer any questions before your next session.
  • Is NeurOptimal® neurofeedback covered by insurance?
    Because NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is a training tool not a medical treatment, it cannot be billed to medical insurance. Think of it like paying for a gym membership. While going to the gym or a yoga class is not a necessity, you might choose to partake in these activities because they help you feel good, strengthen your body and mind and help relieve stress in your daily life. NeurOptimal® is not a treatment, but it helps your brain train itself to be more adaptable and resilient. When your brain can better adapt to life's challenges, you spend less time and energy stressing over things you can't control and more time feeling empowered by what you can do and accomplish! If you're unsure if NeurOptimal® is right for you, visit the Contact page to submit your information and any questions you might have and we can set up a free 15 minute phone consultation.
  • How much does a session cost?
    You can find all session & rental pricing on our Sessions & Pricing page.
  • What types of payment do you accept?
    I accept cash, credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, checks, FSA (flexible spending accounts) and HSA (health savings accounts).
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